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Campaign Justice is a new organization whose mission is to promote social advocacy and justice projects for marginalized communities.

We believe:

  • Black Lives Matter

  • Police Should Be Held To a Higher Standard

  • LGBTQ Constitutional Rights

  • Ending Cash Bail

  • Eliminating the School to Jail Pipeline

  • Criminal Justice Reform

  • Climate Change

SAY THEIR NAMES: 101 Unarmed black women, men & children

killed by law enforcement


Our first undertaking is the compulation of 101 black lives lost to police violence; from 1918, until 2020.

Black. Lives. Matter.

Not more, and definitely not less. Why is a statement about lives having value, controversial? As SNL's Michael Che stated, "Black Lives Matter. Just Matter."

As of the writing of this book, there have been more controversial shootings of unarmed black and brown citizens even after George Floyd's death. One of the latest is that of Jacob Blake of Wisconsin; the father of 3 adorable, small children.

Jacob tried to break up a fight between two women when police arrived. He was tased, yet he was still able to get up and walk to the driver's side of his truck, where he was trying to get his children away from the violence.

Officers pulled their guns on him. As he tried to step into his vehicle, Officer Rusten Sheskey pulled at his t-shirt…

…and shot him 7 times.

In the back.

With his children in the back seat screaming.

Jacob is out of ICU, but he is now paralyzed from the waist down. He was secretly moved from the hospital to a rehabilitation center in October, 2020 due to death threats being levied upon him and his father.

There have been no arrests… just his, as he was originally handcuffed to his hospital bed.

That is one of the many reasons why we decided to put this book together as a sort of encyclopedia of 101 unarmed black/brown lives which were taken away by law enforcement.

No arrest.

No trial.

No conviction.

By no means is this a complete accounting of all lives lost, (that list would be in the thousands).

But if you find a name or two that speaks to you, please take the time to research that person's life story further to keep them alive in our collective conscious; and better still, say a prayer for the family.

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